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The Knighthood of Buh
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The Knighthood of BUH is an organization for recognizing people who are the BUH, and letting them do the crazy and fun unorthodox things they want to with other people like them. The Knighthod does not promote violent acts committed by anyone, but it does teach us that in a world where we are all desensitized to violence in the media, we had might as well laugh at it. When the main character in a movie loses his girl to a car accident just before he can tell her his true feelings for her, laughing your ass off at their horrible misfortunes is the BUH. After all, they ARE pretending, and it IS funny.
More importantly, however, the Knighthood is about being an individual, and thinking for yourself. A lot of the time, it is easier to feel the way a movie wants us to, or to think all the things our frat brothers do than it is to generate your own emotions. It seems the world is a place for being the guy next to you. The knighthood is about being you, about thinking for yourself, and about believing what you have decided is believable, not simply what your parents or your pastor told you. It is about creativity, but not creativity as your third grade teacher meant it, which is to say bright colors and lots of glitter, but creativity in the true and not-so-easy-to-have sense of the word - divergent thinking.